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When my wife, Fern, and I first moved to Pawling, we were as unaware of the majesty in our midst as apparently so many residents are. I know that some prefer to keep the "secret" but there is so much to share. And the more people who love The Great Swamp the more people will protect it. It is so easy in today's fast paced and stressful life to take many things for granted. There are people who have been working very hard over the years to revive and protect The Great Swamp. I want to thank them and apologize for taking them for granted. Thank You.

I especially want to thank FrOGs, Friends of the Great Swamp for their tireless and ongoing service to community through all of their wonderful efforts for and in The Great Swamp.

Swamp Photos
Swamp Snapshots • Photo Galleries

I also want to thank the Oblong Land Conservancy for their ongoing efforts to keep vital open spaces and to continue adding to those spaces.

I really don't know what I would do without the swamp now. Last years exceptionally low water table was a good lesson in appreciation. I can't tell you how many times I went to the water's edge, or where the water's edge used to be last year and felt a little broken hearted. I and friends made the effort and thanks to the beavers and their handy work, there were some areas of navigable water.

But in this year of Our Lord MMXI - thank you for the snow! I tend to look at every snow flake as another drop for the swamp. It really makes it worth while. It is going to be, actually already has been, awesome!

The Lake February 3, 2006
February 3, 2006 - North of Green Chimneys • Photo Galleries

This website came about because I have been taking pictures in The Great Swamp for along as I have been enjoying it. I am just an amateur photographer, but with the natural beauty all around one it is possible to take photos Turtlesworth sharing. And that is what I am doing here This website will constantly be updated. I hope to also add helpful information for those who want to experience the swamp. I always use a kayak, but I have many friends who also hike and snow shoe. Apparently they have good knees. I will be providing links to useful websites and information.

So, please, check back for new photos and updates. There will photos from different years in different areas of the swamp in the photo galleries. I only discovered The Great Swamp in 2004 so I don't have any photos earlier than that. Ferny Kayaking

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